Myles Chykerda

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B.A. Honours Anthropology and Classics, Univeristy of Alberta

M.A. Classical Archaeology and Humanities Computing, University of Alberta 

Areas of Interest

Greek realm from the 7th to 4th centuries BC


Myles Chykerda comes from Edmonton, Canada, where he received a B.A. Honours in Anthropology and Classics (2004) and joint M.A. in classical archaeology and in humanities computing (2010), both from the University of Alberta. Although originally interested in the archaeology of the Roman army, his focus shifted to Greek defensive strategies at both the city and regional level while studying under Dr. Margriet Haagsma. Through his Ph.D. work, he plans to expand these concepts to a broader geographical, material, and temporal range in order to examine the emergence of state organization and regional identity in the Thessalian plains.


Examine the emergence of state organization and regional identity in the Thessalian plains

Selected Publications

From City to Sea: Kastro Kallithea (Thessaly) and its Role in the Defense of Southern Achaia Phthiotis, Canadian Institute in Greece, 2014

Kallithea to Halos: the defense network of the north Othrys mountains, April 14, 2010


Graduate: University of California Los Angeles Teaching Assistantship

Steinmetz Fund Travel Award; University of California Los Angeles Grad Division Conference Award (presenter)

University of California Los Angeles Cotsen Institute Entrance Scholarship/Stipend, 2011-12

Teaching with Technology Assistantship, 2006-08

Dept. of History and Classics Teaching Assistantship, 2005-06 Undergraduate: Faculty of Arts Academic Excellence Scholarship

University of Alberta Academic Excellence Scholarship; Jason Lang Scholarship (x3)


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