Amr Shahat


B.A. Archaeological Tourism, Helwan University

M.A. Egyptology, University of Memphis; Interdisciplinary Museum Studies Certification 2015

UCLA Food Studies Graduate Certificate, hosted by UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability & Fielding School of Public Health, Graduation May 20, 2020.

Areas of Interest

Egyptian ethnoarchaeology, Egyptian archaeology, cultural heritage site preservation, Paleoethnobotany, ancient Egyptian diet and foodways


Visting researcher in other universities

-  Stable isotope in bioarcheology internship at Simon Fraser University, host professor Dr. Michael Richards, Tier 1 Scientist, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada, September 10-21, Summer 2019. Funded by UCLA Canadian Institute.

-  Advanced lab training in Archaeobotany, “Food from field to Fork” summer lab course, Biology-Archaeology Institute, University of Groningen. Host professor René Cappers July 2019.

-  Stable isotope in ecology, host department, Integrative biology, Life Sciences building, Todd Dawson Stable Isotope Lab UC Berkeley, Spring 2019 (University of California Intercampus exchange program)

-  Paleoethnobotany training in McCown UC Berkeley Archaeobotanical laboratory by Professor Christine Hastorf fall 2018-Spring 2019, University of California Berkeley.

-   Stable isotope in Biogeochemistry and ecology, Camp hosted by the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Intensive course and Lab training. Graduation summer 2018.

-   Paleoethnobotany training in the University of Groningen and Leiden University by Professor René Cappers, Netherlands. Summer of 2017.

Field Experience

-  Deir el Ballas excavation project winter 2020, serving as African and eastern Mediterranean paleoethnobotany specialist, December, 18th-2019-Jan 19, 2020. Project Director, Peter Lacovara

 -  Paleoethnobotany and paleodietary analysis from teeth and hair remains for diet and health reconstruction of the population buried in the TT 16, Theban tomb of Panehsy. (Seasons 2016; 2017-2018; winter  2019). Project Director, Suzanne Onstine

-  Paleoethnobotanical analysis of the plant-food remains collection from the Tomb of Kha and Merit,  Muzio Egizio, Turino, Italy. August, 2019. 

-  Field excavation and teaching stable isotope applications in bioarchaeology for dietary reconstruction,  St. Lucia Roman Villa site, in Aguilafuente, Segovia, Spain July 7-21, 2019. Team supervisor Jesus Herrerin and Natasa Sarkic.

 -  UCLA Fayum excavation project, University of California field seasons (2012; and 2017, summer 2018).

 -  Member of the University of Memphis & Université de Montreal à Quebec archaeological mission at the Karnak Hypostyle Hall project in Luxor, Egypt during Summer 2013 & Winter 2014 &2015.

Team member Italian Archaeological Mission at the tomb of Harwa at Assasif, Luxor, Egypt Fall 2012.


Shahat, A. & V. Jensen. In press. Social Archaeology of Food at Deir el Ballas: An Archaeobotanical Study of the Non-Elite Cemetery Food Offerings. In: El Dorry, M.-A. Ed. Feeding a Civilisation: Food and Drink in Egypt and Sudan (Bibliothèque d’Étude. Cairo). – Cairo, Institut français d’archéologie orientale

Chloe Berghausen, Elizabeth Dresser-Kluchman, Natasha Fernandez-Perez, Amr Shahat, Alec Apodaca and Venicia Slotten, UC Berkeley McCown Archaeobotany Laboratory Report #88: Field Starch Extraction from Ground Stone: Experiment and Protocol Recommendations. Lab Report.

Shahat, Amr and Erika Feleg, 2015, large palimpsest cartouches of Ramesses IV Usurped by Ramesses VI, poster American Research Center in Egypt Annual Meeting, Houston Texas.


2020-2021 Dissertation Year Fellowship, Graduate Division, University of California Los Angeles

2019 Center for the Study of Women Travel Award, for the project "Social history of Women in Ancient Egypt: Paleoethnobotanical and stable isotope Analysis of Food remains and mummies from non-elite cemeteries"

2018 UCLA International Institute Fieldwork Fellowship

2018 UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship

2018 ARCE Annual Meeting Best Student Poster

2017-18 UCLA Cotsen Institute Steinmetz Research Travel Award

2017 UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship

2016-17 UCLA Cotsen Institute Steinmetz Research Travel Award


Dr. Willeke Wendrich