Adam DiBattista


B.A. Archaeology, Boston University
M.A. Archaeology, UCLA

Areas of Interest

Early Iron Age Greece, Worked Animal Materials, Human-Animal Relationships, Aegean Ivory Trade,  Zooarchaeology


Adam DiBattista was born and raised in New Jersey and then received his B.A. in Archaeology from Boston University in 2014. He has conducted fieldwork in Italy, Turkey, and Greece. His Master’s thesis and Dissertation focus on worked animal materials (bone, ivory, antler) at the site of Ancient Methone and across Greece in the Early Iron Age through the early Archaic periods. 


Dissertation Title: “The Transformation of Animal Materials in Early Greece”

Field Experience

Kaymakçı Archaeological Project 2014-2015
The Ancient Methone Archaeological Project 2015-Present


The Change in Rite: From Inhumation to Cremation During the Greek Dark Ages.” The Vexillum. 2012 


Dr. John Papadopoulos