Robyn Price


MA in Art History, Egyptian Art and Archaeology, University of Memphis (2015)

MA in Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, University of Virginia (2013), BA in Archaeology of the Ancient Near East and French, Lycoming College (2011)

Areas of Interest

Sensory Archaeology; Egyptian archaeology; GIS, 3D-imaging, RTI and Photogrammetry; oils, incense, and unguents; ethnoarchaeology

Field Experience

Idalion, Cyprus, Summer 2012-2014, Lycoming College; Tel Megiddo East, Israel, Summer 2012 and 2013, Jezreel Valley Regional Project; Menorca, Spain, Underwater Archaeological Survey, Summer 2012, Ecomuseum of the Cape of Cavalleria; Montpelier, Virginia Field School, Summer 2010; Mendes, Egypt Field School, Summer 2009, Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Willeke Wendrich and Dr. Kara Cooney