Hsiu-Ping Lee


B.A. Ancient Chinese Civilization and Archaeology, National Taiwan University

M.A. Chinese History, Nationa

Taiwan University 


H. P. (Hsiu-Ping) Lee graduated from the Institute of History at National Taiwan University and is interested in the ancient Chinese civilization and archaeology, with a special focus on the interrelationship between political domination and material culture during the Shang-Zhou period (ca. 1046–211 B.C.). Although he studied ancient Chinese history, he used a lot of archaeological evidence in his master’s thesis at NTU, discussing and analyzing the social development of Nanyang Basin, the region between the Yellow and Yangzi Rivers. He is looking forward to working with Professor Lothar von Falkenhausen (Department of Art History; Associate Director, Cotsen Institute).


Cheng, Jeff Chieh-fu and Ellen Hsieh


Dr. Lothar von Falkenhausen