Ellen Hsieh


2014 C.Phil. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA
2009 M.A., Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University
2005 B.A., Department of History, National Taiwan University
2005 B.A., Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University

Areas of Interest

Southeast Asia, Global History, Colonialism, Historical Archaeology, Maritime Archaeology, Archaeometry 


Spanish colonization is an integral part of the historical development of Philippine history. My dissertation seeks to elucidate the nature of power relationships between the Chinese, the Spaniards, and the indigenous Tagalog during the early Spanish colonial period in the Manila area by studying the archaeological evidence of consumption, including local and foreign materials in conjunction with other textual and ethnographical evidence. By contextualizing evidence in global history, my research aims to offer a unique example for participating in the discussion of colonialism in archaeological study. In addition, by cooperating with the UCLA/Getty Conservation Program, I am also developing an efficient method to identify trade ceramics from archaeological contexts.   


[Journal Articles]

Fischer, Christian and Ellen Hsieh

* 2017 Export Chinese Blue-and-white Porcelain: Compositional Analysis and Sourcing Using Non-invasive Portable XRF and Reflectance Spectroscopy. Journal of Archaeological Science 80: 14-26.

Hsieh, Ellen

2013 Rethinking Intramuros: Threats, Values, and Possibilities in Modern Philippines. Nakhara: Journal of Environmental Design and Planning 9: 105-114.

Hsieh, Ellen

* 2012  Kiwulan yizhi shangwenhuaceng de wailai taoci: Yige lishi kaoguxue de yanjiu (A Historical Archaeological Study of Exotic Ceramics from the Ki-Wu-Lan Site). Kaogu renlei xuekan (Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology) 76: 33-60. 

[Book Chapters]

Hsieh, Ellen

* 2017 The Power of the Images in the Boxer Codex and Cultural Convergence in Early Spanish Manila. In Historical Archaeology of Early Modern Colonialism in Asia-Pacific. Vol. 2. María Cruz Berrocal and Cheng-hwa Tsang eds. Gainesville: University Press of Florida (in press).

Li, Min and Ellen Hsieh

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Cheng, Jeff Chieh-fu and Ellen Hsieh

* 2013    The Archaeological Study of the Military Dependents Villages of Taiwan. In Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement. M.C. Beaudry and T.G. Parno, eds. Pp. 83-100. New York: Springer.



Hsieh, Ellen and Min Li

2016 Ping Cizao yaozhi: Fujian Jinjiang Cizao yaozi kaoku diaocha fajue baogao (Book Review: “The Cizao Kiln Sites - Archaeological Investigation and Excavation Report of the Cizao Kiln Complex in Jinjiang, Fujian.”) Zhongguo wenwubao (China Cultural Relics News). October 4th, p. 4.

Hsieh, Ellen, Tom McClintock and Christian Fischer

2016 UCLA Team ‘Rocks’ at Preah Khan of Kompong Svay, Cambodia. Backdirt: Annual Review of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. Pp.38-43.


Hsieh, Ellen

2017 Finding the Indigenous – A Study of Locally Made Earthenware in Early Spanish Manila, The Philippines. Session Title: Indigenous Perspectives on Historical Archaeology of Colonialism. The Annual Meeting of the Society of Historical Archaeology (SHA). Fort Worth, January 4th- 8th.

Fischer, Christian, Mitch Hendrickson, Tom McClintock, Dominique Soutif, Julia Estève, Ellen Hsieh, Cristina Castillo and Phon Kaseka

2016 Not Set in Stone: Using 3-D Modeling to Investigate the Buddhist Transition at Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (12th  to 14th  centuries AD), Cambodia. Session Title: Cyberarchaeology: Simulations, Massive Data and Beyond. The 8th World Archaeology Congress (WAC-8). Kyoto, August 31st.

Hsieh, Ellen and Christian Fischer

2016 Japanese or Chinese: Non-invasive Analysis of East Asian Blue-and-white Porcelain. Session Title: A Global Perspective on Southeast Asian Trade Ceramics in the Historical Period. The 8th World Archaeology Congress (WAC-8). Kyoto, August 31st.

Hsieh, Ellen

2016 Spanish Colonialism in Asia: A multi-scalar Perspective. Session Title: Historical archaeology in East and Southeast Asia.  The 7th Meeting of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA). Boston and Cambridge, June 11th.

Hsieh, Ellen

2016 The Chinese Trade Diasporas in Spanish Manila. Session Title: Guava Cat Archaeology: Paper In Memory of Prof. Pochan Chen. The 81st  Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). Orlando, April 7th.

Hsieh, Ellen

2015 A Spanish Colony? A Chinese Colony? Colonialism in Manila: A Historical Archaeology Viewpoint. Section Title: Slavery, Colonialism, and Heritage in Comparative Perspective. Joint Society for American Archaeology (SAA) – European Archaeological Association (EAA) meeting: Connecting Continents: Archaeological Perspectives
on Slavery, Trade, and Colonialism. Curaçao, November 5th.

Hsieh, Ellen

2015 Locating Manila Archaeology in a Connected Histories Perspective. The 24th Annual Manila Studies Conference (MSA). Manila, August 27th.

Hsieh, Ellen

2015 Early Colonial Manila in Global History. Session Title: Exploring the Archaeology of Everyday Living in Southeast Asia. The 15th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists (EurASEAA). Paris, July 7th.

Hsieh, Ellen

2015 Early Spanish Colonialism in Manila: A Historical Archaeology Viewpoint. Session Title: Cross-cultural encounters/entanglements in Island Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. The 80th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). San Francisco, April 17th.

Cheng, Chieh-fu Jeff and Ellen Hsieh

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Radpour, Roxanne, Ellen Hsieh and Christian Fischer

2016 Study of Shades and Tints of the Blue Color in Export Blue-and-white Porcelain from Late Ming to Early Qing Dynasties.The 41th International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA), Kalamata, May 15th- 21th.

Hsieh, Ellen and Christian Fischer

2014 Non-invasive Analysis of Chinese Blue-and-white Porcelain from Indonesia and the Philippines. The 40th International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA), Los Angeles, May 19th -23rd.


2016 Dissertation Year Fellowship, Graduate Division, UCLA.

2016 Everett Helm Visiting Fellowships, The Lilly Library, Indiana University at Bloomington.

2015 Hiroshi Wagatsuma Graduate Fellowship, Asia Institute, UCLA.

2015 Dissertation Fellowships for ROC Students Abroad. Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, Taiwan.

2015 Harry and Yvonne Lenart Graduate Travel Fellowships, Division of Humanities, UCLA.

2014 World Austronesian Studies: Archival/Library/Museum/Preliminary Fieldwork Research Grant, Minister of Education, Taiwan.

2014 Early Modern Certificate Summer Research Mentorship, Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese UCLA.

2014 Advanced Graduate Mini-grants, Pacific Rim Research Program, University of California.

2013 Graduate Student Fieldwork Fellowship for International Studies, International Institute, UCLA.

2011-2014 Minister of Education Scholarship for Study Abroad, Taiwan.