Danielle Kalani Heinz


B.A. Integrative Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies (comparative studies of sexuality), University of California Berkely

M.A. Archaeology, University of California Los Angeles 

Areas of Interest

Pacific Archaeology (Hawaiʻi),gender, sexuality, paleoenvironment, paleoethnobotany, microartifact analysis, queer theory, post colonial theory, indigenous theory. 

Field Experience

2016-Excavation in Ifugao and Bicol, Philippines (UCLA and IFR)

2016-Excavation in leeward Maui

2015-Excavation in leeward Maui


Dividing Hawaiʻi: Understanding the impact of gender and status on land awards during the Mahele, Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Conference, 10/10/2015, Wailuanuiʻahoano, Kauaʻi

Biblically BDSM: Exploring a genderqueer trinity and its implications for modern churches, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Conference, 11/12/2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Hibben Fellowship Recipient, Hibben Trust


Stephen Acabado