Camille Acosta


B.A. History and Classical Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

M.A. Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford

Areas of Interest

Migration and burial practice, East Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt in the Archaic period, ceramics


Camille Acosta is a Los Angeles native. After completing her undergraduate degree in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, she obtained an MA in Arts and Heritage Management in London and worked in a variety of museums and cultural institutions in curatorial and project management roles, as well as in theater production and design. She returned to archaeology with a curatorial internship at the British School at Athens, Knossos and a postgraduate degree in Classical Archaeology at Oxford University, where she focused on Archaic Greece, particularly Ionia and its relationships with Cyprus and Egypt. Throughout, she has been involved in the British Museum’s Naukratis Project, researching Greek ceramics, jewelry and mirrors from the site. More recently, she has started working on Archaic Greek ceramics with UCLA’s Ancient Methone Archaeological project. Her dissertation research is focused on the burial practices of migrants across the Greek world from the 8th-4th centuries BC, their lived experiences, and how both Classics and archaeology have discussed migrants and migration in the past. In addition to her own research, she is passionate about educational outreach and has been developing both in-person and digital learning opportunities for K-12 students in the Los Angeles area.


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